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Comfort to the people, Care for the planet

Redefining the way we ride. Transforming the landscape of cost-effective and eco-friendly transportation, by harnessing cutting-edge e-energy technology.


Kilometers Covered


KG CO2e Mitigated


Litres Replaced

Sustainability Meets Profitability

Say goodbye to traditional fuel expenses and maintenance headaches. Our electric motorbikes redefine cost efficiency, ensuring that every ride contributes to both a cleaner environment and a healthier bottom line.align themselves with a brand that not only values eco-friendly practices but also maximizes cost savings. It's not just a ride; it's a journey towards financial prosperity and a sustainable future.

Green Economics

Dominion's commitment to a sustainable future is at the core of every ride. With Zero Emissions and a minimal carbon footprint, our EVs clean affordable energy

Open Source Charging

You can now charge your electric vehicle using a standard 240V 40 AMP outlet, commonly found in households. This means you no longer need specialized charging stations; instead, you can simply plug your EV into the normal outlet in your house.

Powered By Motorhub

This is a 1500W motor Hub system powered. The Bike is designed for public transport and off-road transport. The bike is powered by a 72V battery with 70 - 80KM range per charge. The Bike is built with steady and firm frame with a 250Kg pay load.