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Welcome to Dominion EV

Carbon Zero Mobility (CZM) Ltd is Kenyan company established in 2021 to bring change in the transport industry by integrating clean technology and mobility for comfort to the people  while conserving the planet. CZM is created to offer value in the transport industry while caring for the planet. As an e-mobility company, CZM provides innovation in its operations to offer its customers, investors, and partners efficient and sustainable business solutions.

The following are the qualities that make Dominion EV unique:

  • All terrain: Our bikes can be used not only can be used on the busy tarmaced roads of the CBD but also on the local estate roads of which have not been tarmaced.
  • Comfortable and quiet: the electric motor provides a smooth silent ride that provides a unique experience with every ride.
  • Fast: The electric motor offers and almost instant constant acceleration unlike fuel powered bikes.
  • Affordable: Dominion EV electric bikes are not only reliable but also affordable to use on your day to day usage while using a small amount of expense compared to the fuel powered bikes that consume a hefty amount of fuel. In addition to that our bikes require minimal serviced unlike the rest of the fuel powered bikes.


Service & Maintenance

Fossil Fueled
0.05 USD / 10 KM
0.035 USD / 10 KM


Fossil Fueled
10g CO2 / 10 KM
0.3g CO2 / 10 KM

Running Cost

Fossil Fueled
0.25 USD / 10 KM
0.08 USD / 10 KM

Our Bikes

Dominion 300

Dominion 150

Our Location

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