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Carbon Zero Mobility (CZM) Ltd is Kenyan company established in 2021 to bring change in the transport industry by integrating clean technology and mobility for comfort to the people  while conserving the planet. CZM is created to offer value in the transport industry while caring for the planet. As an e-mobility company, CZM provides innovation in its operations to offer its customers, investors, and partners efficient and sustainable business solutions. Founded in 2021, CZM has partnered with Alternate System Inc of USA to provide electric vehicles in Kenya with the aim of launching to the African market.

CZM is the owner of the Dominion brand of electric vehicles (Dominion-EV).


Carbon Zero Mobility was established to provide sustainable transport solutions in Africa through efficient technology and sustainable business value chains


To promote total switch to clean energy driven transport in Africa

Core Values

  • Efficiency
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Customer centric

Key Pillars

Targeted Partnerships

CZM delivers through strategic partnerships across the transport value chains. The partnerships include technology transfer, investment, and financing, after sales support and sustainable business environment drive. Through targeted partnerships,

Value Based Delivery

E-mobility is characterized with nascent technology, The global e-mobility technology market is changing and developing drastically. Sustainable electrification of transport requires a customer focused services delivery. Carbon Zero Mobility is a customer centric company giving information backed value to every stakeholder in its value chain. CZM focuses on delivering value-based technology, services and aftersales support to our customers, partners, and governments.

Technology Driven Services

Carbon Zero Mobility provides technology and innovation focused services to its clients and partners. To ensure requisite efficiency in services delivery, we integrate technology in all processes. CZM employs end to end technology driven systems where information, services and customer feedback drives business decisions.


Mitigation of carbon emissions into the environment by transport equipment remains the main driver of Carbon Zero Mobility services. CZM’s core business components are environmental conscious and ensures carbon emissions are reduced. The company endeavours to provide comfortable transport to the people while promoting planet caring solutions in the sector.

Our Partners